Yogasana – The traditional physical & mental disciplines originating from India

Yoga is deeply recognized in Hindu idealism to be the contemplation for effecting union of the human soul with the Supreme Being. Although recognized as Hindu origin, Yoga is not a religion – it is a way to live life aiming towards a healthy mind in a healthy body. There are different forms of Yoga, basically – breathing techniques, meditation & poses(asana in Hindi). The 6 main branches of yoga are : Hatha (sun & moon – balance between the opposites), Bhakti (devotion), Jnana (knowledge), Karma (duty), Raja (8-limbed yoga because there are 8 aspects to get acquainted with reality and attain liberation), Tantra (study of universe from the point of view of an individual)
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    Kathy said,

    Hey, nice info on Yoga. I liked the presentation at the 13th Mar India celebration event that you compiled. Where can I get more information on Yoga-meditation? We are a group of 6 friends who are willing to start a session soon and need directions. Your help is appreciated!!

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      jpatel said,

      hi Kathy, I am glad you liked the event- well in this world of “Hurry and Worry” Yoga can help get back to ease and mental relief as well as physical rejuvenation. The best way to start meditation is early morning -sunrise – as that is when the Kundalini rises. This is also natural as you can feel the beauty of the nature at sunrise and the pleasant effect will give you the positive attitude to start Yoga at this time. DO Not stress yourself to wake up too early if that is not your routine. Start slowly by waking up 15-20 min earlier each day and same way going to bed a little earlier than normal. Practice makes a man perfect will work here too! The Yogasanas helping specifically for Meditation are Padmasana, Swastikasana, Siddhasana, Sukhasana and Vajrasana. I will post some yoga pose pictures soon as well so that you can get a clear picture of what this involves. Make sure you start slowly and give yourself sometime to get more involved with the Asanas for meditation as this needs to be done with a great inner feeling of self-realization rather than just a to-do list task. Begin the Asanas with the recital of OM mantra and end the session with Shavasana. Hope this will get you started to rise earlier with a fresh mind. Visit again for more updates coming soon!!! Wish you a very good health!!

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    Kathy said,

    5 stars in hope of getting more information from you

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    Kathy said,

    Thanks for the detailed explanation. This is really helpful for a good start!!

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