Ayurveda meaning the science of life is the oldest medical system available native to the land of India. It was placed in written form over 5,000 years ago in India, it was said to be a world medicine dealing with both body and the spirit. VedaVyasa, the famous sage, Shaktavesha avatar of Vishnu, put into writing the complete knowledge of Ayurveda. The study is based on the belief that the body is comprised of five basic elements of the universe: air, water, fire, space & earth. The healing and prevention elements include herbal medicines as well certain diet control while being put on such medication depending on the percentage of these 5 elements in the individual human body. It is a long-term prevention route rather than the short-term treatment of illness. It not only prevents and cures diseases but also enhances concentration, strength as well as beauty of a body.


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    jpatel said,

    Curing Ulcerative Colitis with Ayurveda

    Kashayomadhuna Pittastavyo dadimavtsakaat
    Sadhyo jayedatisaaran saraktam durnivarkam

    Meaning – Boiling the 1 tsp powder of each – dried skin of Pomegranate fruit and dried stem bark of Roth (Hollarhena antidysentrica — Apocynaceae) – together with 2 glass of water until the liquid remains 1 glass and adding Honey – drinking once the liquid is at room temperature helps in curing Ulcerative Colitis. This should be taken twice a day with at least 30 minutes between other meals around this time. It can be reduced to one a day and then twice to once a week as you notice progress in the cure.

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    jpatel said,

    For more information on Indian Ayurveda terminologies and herb names and their benefits please visit

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