MUDRA means hand postures – usually with the palm & fingers sealed in different ways together. Mudra for Yoga is used to direct energy through various parts of the body. I have posted the pictures of these Mudras here- Please click the pictures to view more clearly.

Recommended positions to perform these mudras: seated cross-legged on a mat or on a chair with mat under the legs- make sure no body part touches the ground (earth) in order to avoid transferring the energy to the ground instead of remaining in the body

2.GyanMudra, PruthviMudra and Pran Mudra can be done irrespective of whether a person suffers from a disease or not. Other Mudras should be continued until the disease is cured.

3. Any one mudra can be done for 30-40 minutes daily

4. Do not wear any types of ornaments/accesories on the wrist and fingers area in order to let the energy radiate without barriers

5. Perform mudras on empty stomach so early morning is a good time!


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