Puffed crispy Puris for PANI PURI Chaat

Puris for Pani Puri Chaat


  1. 3:1 Sooji flour : Maida (semolina flour : all purpose flour)
  2. water to knead dough should be about half portion of total flour mix.


  1. mix maida and sooji flour well. Add water and knead the dough – stiff but soft enough to roll without using too much pressure.  If using Sooji instead of the finer sooji flour then knead the dough by adding a couple of teaspoons water more and let it sit covered with damp napkin for about 1.5 hours. With fine sooji flour only 10 minutes for resting the dough is good.
  2. Heat oil (at least 2 inch high from the bottom of the frying pan) in a frying pan on medium heat. Add a very small rolled ball of dough in it to check the heat.

TIP: If the ball comes up immediately and still remains whitish then the oil is ready for frying.

3. Make 4 equal sized balls of the dough and roll single ball at a time to a big roti like shape – leaving other balls under damp napkin.

TIP: Keeping the dough balls moist will let the sooji bind better without too much water and let the puris puff up while evaporating the moisture when frying

4.  Use a spice bottle cover lid edges to press out small puri shapes from this roti.

TIP:  If the dough has become drier while rolling then apply finger tips with water and apply over the puris on both sides just before adding to heated oil.

5.  Add the rolled puris to the heated oil and press lightly as it rises in the oil. Flip over the other side when it puffs up on one side. Depending on the size of the frying pan, you can add 6-10 puris at a time. Fry on both sides until light golden brown.

6.  Place the fried puris on dry paper towels to soak the extra oil.

7.  Repeat the steps #4, 5 & 6 for the rest of the dough balls.

TIP: check oil temperature per #2 above before adding each set of puris.

8.  Put spicy mint water and/or sweet date chutney water by making small holes in the center of each puffed puri. You can also add salted-mashed potatoes/boiled garbanzo beans/boiled moong beans/masala boondi to the puris before adding water. This will give a filling to each bite!! ENJOY!!!!!

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    jpatel said,

    Another quicker method for the Pani puri – is using the Tortilla maker – Add 1/2 cup + 2 tbspn water to 1 cup sooji flour. Make cherry sized balls and place 3 at a time -spaced 2 1/2 inches apart from each other on the plugged tortilla maker. Press once and take out the rolled puris to fry on medium heat. Frying instructions per original recipe. Please note this recipe does not require using All Purpose flour – Maida and also saves time and energy for rolling puris when wanting to make in huge amounts!!!!ENJOY COOKING!!

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