SingPak – Indian style Peanut bar – quick, easy and yummy!!!!

Singpak: Indian style Peanut bar


  1 cups Peanut

  1 tablespoon jaggery/gud – available in Indian grocery store – a healthy sweetener

   ½ tablespoon ghee


  1. Roast peanuts in dry pan on medium-low heat until the skin becomes dark brownish-black. Remove from heat, let cool & remove the skin by rubbing between the palms of your hands. You can also use store-bought roasted peanuts (additional flavorless and skin removed)
  2. Crush the peanuts coarsely into half-sized or grind with mortar & pestle to half each peanut.
  3. Heat ghee in pan and if not already melted – let it melt to give oil like consistency.
  4. Add crushed peanuts and coat well with ghee. cook for 3 minutes stirring continuously.
  5. Add jaggery, stir well with the peanuts and let it melt for just 1 minute on medium heat.

TIP: do not melt jaggery for longer otherwise it will become stretchy like the Chiki sweet

6.  Grease a plate with little ghee and add this hot peanut/jaggery mixture

7. Within 1 minute of cooling cut into pieces like Kaju Katli

8. Remove pieces from plate when completely cooled down and store in air-tight container for use within 1 month. Should be consumed earlier if the jaggery or peanut are not fresh enough when cooked.


  1. Can be eaten warm also in cold weather – just within few minutes of making the pieces.

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    dinesh sharma said,

    i wish i could also see the picture of the peanut bar

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