Lasagna with Paneer Kofta

The story behind this preparation—- i love Lasagna – although the restaurant versions are loaded with cheese — it’s okay once in a while (long while :):)). So here it starts — have heard of Meat balls in sauce– i had prepared paneer kofta a few days back and had left few kofta balls unfried in the freezer to use later — but I tend to hardly repeat a recipe so soon — I also had some homemade paneer left from 2-3 days before and was willing to consume as soon as possible to have the freshness intact in the recipe – one fine evening I did not feel like cooking and my husband did not to force me into cooking — so he was okay to just do with plain tadka rice and dahi — how can I be so mean though — I know he loves food and cheese-pasta are one of his top favorites but I did not have the penne pasta or macaroni — lucky though there were lasagna pasta in the pantry just because I was avoiding to prepare them being afraid of the cheese it will require without which my husband would not eat it… So here comes a new idea– while playing with the kids from the neighbourhood — yes little wierd but I get ideas abruptly at odd hours and always follow them successfully asap. I used the paneer kofta balls-unfried so low-fat- in place of meat balls – replaced cheese with low-fat paneer and then prepared some tomato sauce. The result — another successful result of my experimental cooking!!!!!!

Lasagna with Paneer Kofta with an Indian flavor cheese and filling – serves 3-4

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Lasagna Pasta – 12 pieces

For Kofta

1/2 cup Paneer (Indian Cottage cheese)

½ cup boiled-drained-mashed potatoes (with no trace of water)

¼ teaspoon garam masala

¼ teaspoon coarsely ajwain

¼ teaspoon coarsely crushed cumin seeds

¼ teaspoon salt or adjust to taste

1 teaspoon olive oil

For sauce:

2 ½ cup cubed tomatoes (about ½ inch diagonally)

½ teaspoon salt

½ teaspoon red chilli powder

½ teaspoon coarsely crushed ajwain

½ teaspoon coarsely crushed cumin seeds

½ teaspoon coarsely crushed fennel seeds

½ teaspoon coarsely crushed coriander seeds

1 teaspoon ginger paste

2 teaspoon olive oil

For Cheese

1 cup well kneaded-shredded Paneer stirred quickly in ½ cup milk

¼ cup shredded Pizza cheese mix

For filling

½ teaspoon kasuri methi

½ teaspoon finely chopped mint leaves

½ cup pineapple cubes – about 1/2 inch diagonally


Kofta preparation:

  1. Mix all the ingredients of Kofta except the oil- rub the oil on your palms and make kofta balls – about 8 to 10.

Sauce preparation:

1.Heat oil in a pan. When hot enough add the ginger paste (optionally add onion-garlic paste prior to adding ginger paste and cook for 2-3 minutes). Stir well in oil and cook for a minute. Add the dry spices and cook for 30 seconds stirring well. Add the tomato puree- mix well, cover and cook for 30-40 minutes on medium heat- stirring occasionally to avoid sticking to the bottom of the pan.

Lasagna preparation:

1. Preheat oven at 350 F. then set on broiler.

2. Cook the pasta in flat bottomed pan per instructions on package. When cooked, drain the pasta and quickly brush each pasta piece with olive oil/butter on both sides and keep covered-aside to retain moisture.

3. Apply non-stick cooking spray in baking dish and arrange the kofta balls on it – place under broiler for 8 – 10 minutes turning sides half-way. Remove and keep aside

4. Spread ½ cup sauce at the bottom of the baking pan (I used bread-loaf pan which is exact size for the lasagna). Place 3 pieces of lasagna pasta over it. Cover with another layer of sauce, paneer cheese, pineapple cubes and chopped mint leaves. Place 4 pieces of pasta topped with sauce, Paneer cheese and kofta balls, another layer of 4 pasta pieces topped with sauce, pineapple cubes and kofta with kasuri methi. Final layer of the remaining pasta pieces topped with sauce, shred pizza cheese and any remaining kofta and pineapple. Bake for 45-55 minutes. Check every 5 minutes after 45 min.


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    I’m such a huge fan of Indian food. Thank you for commenting about my recipes that you’ve tried. I hope to try some of yours someday soon. 🙂

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