About Me

Name: Jaysmika

Born and brought up in India as a princess-I was a lazy kid – only interested in studies, movies and outings with my family. I grew up to a bright student and completed my graduation in India- decided to study further in USA and then go back to India – finished studies- met my life-partner in US and decided to stay back with him!!! My world changed- I became a queen from a princess but with few changes — I became the queen of my home ruling my kitchen:):):):) Work full-time from home and then decided to try my hands on long-forgotten arts and crafts I had learned from my Mom- so started some of these for home-decor and gifts to friends – also developed interest in Yoga reminding myself to be healthy and pass on to the family as well – all learnt from Mom again — they are genius after all!!! USA is my karma-bhumi but India will still remain my Janm-bhumi — and the love for my homeland made me think why not share some of my knowledge about India with those interested — Internet made it easy – blogging too!!! Not only that I can also promote some of my Mother’s creations of Indian fashion – find some designs on my blog under Fashion category…

Feel free to contact me on my email ID.

Email: mygreenvision@gmail.com

Blog: https://jpindigirl.wordpress.com/


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