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Janmashtami 2010 celebration has been a special one for me – this time it was all about educating the kids about Lord Krishna in their way – colors and jumping!!!! I drew 10 Avatar pictures of Lord Vishnu – one of which is Lord Krishna — in forms easily recognizable by kids of age 2 and above – for example – Matsya avatar was a fish picture and Narsimha avatar was a Lion-Man picture (surprisingly a 5 year old kid easily compared it to the little mermaid – the fish-lady character!!) and so on.  I made them recognize each and then provided them with crayon colors to give life to these pictures! And a 5 year old kid also initiated the Aarti for the evening – another smart one in the gang! Then was the “dahi-handi” which was altered a bit – I took a plastic bowl and decorated it – filled with home-made peda wrapped in foil (served as toffees for kids!) and homemade shrikhand in another small bowl – then tied this bowl on to a beads “Toran” – decorative rope – two of us adults held this high from both ends of the rope and asked the kids to jump as high as they can to touch the “handi” — one more awe-event here – a 2 year old kid watched elder kids jumping to catch the handi and he knew he cannot jump that high so after sometime he silently pulled a chair near, climbed it and touched the handi — EASILY — so many smartness in these innocent kids!!!! love them all!! For the adults I got a crossword with questions on Lord Krishna’s life – that was awesome too – one of the question was – 4 lettered nickname for Lord Krishna – I got different answers and all fit in correctly – HARI, VASU, LALA!!! Is that not the GOD’s grace that each little activity on his Birthday was like a special event with something surprising!!!! GOVIND BOLO HARI GOPAL BOLO – RADHA RAMAN HARI GOPAL BOLO!!!!!


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